“A Truly Great Restaurant in Tyler TX!”

Restaurant in Tyler TXWhat is The Stand? The Stand Hot Dogs & Sausages is unique among restaurants in Tyler TX in that it fuses all of the mouth-watering tastes of a big-city hot dog joint with culinary creativity, cleanliness, Southern hospitality, and the character of an historic east Texas facility.

As mentioned in Tyler Paper article, owner Stephan du Toit finally opened The Stand restaurant in Tyler TX in the summer of 2012 (July 16th, to be exact) after years of thinking about it during his time running the hot dog stand in front of Lowe’s Home Improvements in Tyler. Having an ridiculously stellar set of handyman skills, Stephan fully renovated the oldest building in Gresham, transforming it into the only dine-in hot dog stand among restaurants in Tyler TX.

The result of Stephan’s work on the building is a classic, yet “homey” (not homey like “you’re my homey,” (though I suspect we could be homies) but homey like, “a feeling like being at home” ;)) feel that make for a relaxing, family-friendly restaurant.

The Best Hot Dog? It’s Been Said Before…

As for the dogs themselves, we don’t only think they’re the best among restaurants in Tyler TX, but they’re the best hot dogs we’ve ever eaten. Period. Of course, we’re unashamedly biased, but we’re encouraged that many of our customers agree, naming The Stand among the best restaurants in Tyler TX. In fact, it was customers who called The Stand a, “top-shelf restaurant in Tyler TX,” and, “a truly great restaurant in Tyler TX.”

Beyond individual customers, we’ve also been encouraged to receive great publicity from local news stations, newspapers, magazines, and websites, including an IN Magazine article in which they featured what they called The Stand’s “gourmet hot dog” recipes. If that weren’t compliment enough, we were honored to be featured in the July 2013 edition of BScene Magazine, in which they wrote:

People have been coming in droves, and with good reason. The food is new, different and familiar all at once. Patrons can find something they will be comforted by, but have the chance to expand their food experience as far as they’d like to take it.

These guys know how to make a restaurant owner blush. :) We’ve been blown away by the response of the Tyler community not only verbally, but also digitally. The Stand amassed more than a thousand Facebook “Likes” in its first year of business and continues to enjoy substantial social media and website traffic every day. We work hard to serve the highest quality products we can, so it is a blessing to be labeled a great restaurant in Tyler TX. Check our menu and then come put us to the test. We’re confident that your first trip will make you a fan of The Stand.

A Restaurant in Tyler TX with a Colossal Food Challenge

Big Dog Eating Contest | Tyler TX RestaurantsFor years, there was no to our knowledge no restaurant in Tyler TX that hosted a truly colossal food challenge. Well, those days are over. The Stand serves a 28″ hot dog on an entire loaf of baguette bread smothered in cheese, chili, Fritos, kraut, relish, onions, pickles, tomatoes, mustard, and ketchup that weighs in at more than 5 lbs. Yes, that’s right. Roughly 88 ounces of hot dog. Together with a bag of Doritos, they set the table for what we call “The Big Dog Challenge,” which, so far as we can tell, is the single most punishing food challenge available at any restaurant in Tyler TX and even ranks among the most monumental food challenges in all of Texas. In fact, The Big Dog is more than 1 pound larger than the famous 72 oz. “Big Tex” steak at Big Texan Steakhouse in Amarillo.

That. is. craziness.

If you’re feeling like a beast, then we’d encourage you to watch our videos of The Big Dog Challenge. If you’re feeling like a beast after you watch the videos, give us a call and we’ll set it up for you.